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Step 1 - Cleanse

At Willa Krause, we believe in a two step cleansing regime. Cleansing is essential to remove impurities, dead skin cells and all traces of makeup. It prevents clogged pores and ensures better penetration of your skin care products. Start with a glycerine cleansing bar suited for your skin type to remove superficial impurities. Then do a deep cleanse with one of our emulsifier deep cleansers. An emulsion, like our Deep Cleanser Ordinary, always leaves a thin layer of cream on the skin, having a nourishing effect.

Step 2 - Tone

A good quality toner, that's suited for your specific skin type will contract, refresh and restore your skin's pH balance. By restoring the skin's pH balance you help prevent bacterial infections. Willa Krause's toners are full of active ingredients with healing characteristics and disinfectants.

Step 3 - Moisturise

It's important to always start your moisturising routine with your eye treatment as most eye treatments are water-based, while most moisturisers/nourishers are oil-based. A water-based product cannot penetrate effectively when applied on top of an oil-based product. Follow with your specialised treatment, like our famous Anti-Ageing Revitalising Serum and then finish off with a Moisturiser, a Day Cream or a Nourishing Night Cream.

Step 4 - Protect

Finish your morning routine with the Sun Wrinkle Protector. Our South African sun is extremely harsh and can cause pre-mature aging and irreversible damage to our skin if we don't protect it properly. In the evening we need the extra protection from Willa Krause's Advanced Moisturising Protection which serves as a barrier, locking in your products and enhancing their properties.

4 Easy steps are all it takes to ensure a healthy and flawless skin.

During the day UV rays and pollution attacks the skin. Therefore the skin needs extra moisture and protection and at night, while asleep, our skin absorbs the applied products and restores itself. Make an appointment at your nearest Willa Krause Skin Care consultant to do a thorough skin analysis. Our trained consultants will be able to recommend the best products suited for your unique skin type and condition.

Expert tip:

Always remove your makeup before bedtime. If you neglect to thoroughly clean your skin at night, it can cause dryness, redness, irritation, and infections. It'll also increase your exposure to free radicals, leading to collagen breakdown and faster aging.

Do I really need a night cream?

Yes, day and night treatments are formulated differently to promote different skin solutions. Overnight, our skin cells restore damage from free radicals and dehydration and regenerate new, healthy cells. Day creams generally “protect” while night creams work hard to “repair and regenerate”– which is why night creams are often richer than day creams.

As most of our day creams contain SPF sunscreen, it may contribute to blocked pores when you apply it during your night-time moisturising routine.

In the winter months, you might find a richer night cream is needed than the one you used during summer. It all depends on your skin’s needs. You may also find that your skin requires ‘special treatment’ if your skin is particularly stressed, sensitive or dehydrated. Use the Multi Active Repair Cream with your day and night treatment and for an intensive dose of conditioning nutrients, especially during the colder, winter months. You can smooth extra dry skin, by adding a drops of Ceramide Collagen Repair Oil to your night cream.

Weekly Routine

A beauty regime is important for your self-esteem, the key to a great looking body and skin is making time for yourself. Set aside time for an evening soak in the tub with a rejuvenating Willa Krause Wash Foam Bath and mask or exfoliating skin treatment. It will leave you relaxed and regenerated.

Basic skin care routine demonstration.

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