Firma Lift Cleanser


A lipid rich cream cleanser with advanced emulsifiers to keep the skin younger and smoother. Will remove all traces of make-up, preparing the skin for further treatment. Normal to dry, combination and mature skin types.

Cleanses and removes oil-based dirt. The Firma Lift Cleanser contains emulsifiers that gently removes all impurities to prevent clogging of pores, while nourishing and rejuvenating the skin.

Key Ingredients:
⦁ Four different emulsifiers
⦁ Moisturisers
⦁ Eight different lipids

⦁ Nourishes and rejuvenates the skin.
⦁ Emulsifiers removes.
⦁ Water-soluble impurities
⦁ Oil-soluble impurities
⦁ Insoluble matter (e.g., make-up) without drying the skin.
⦁ Oxidised debris (e.g., black heads)

Skin Types:
⦁ Normal to dry skin types.
⦁ Specifically for ageing/mature skin.


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